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If you decide for oil heating, gas heating or heat pump technology, or you think about new technologies like fuel cell technology and biomass energy...we are your specialist for any question.

Our competence and reliability will also hold for expert advice about energy, interesting facts about support program, or the right selection of heating device as well floor heating for the areas kitchen - living room - bedroom - bathroom - fitness - spa or office.

If you got an old buiding and need some help about chimney questions, we are also your specialist.

Manufacturer of solar energy heater do have recognized some capability of home-produced wood. Reputable companies offer perfect solution for solar energy plus wood combustion. Modern fire place heater provide CO2-neutral warm drinking water as well comfy warmness.

The German Market for Pellet Heaters has grown over 100% for the past 3 years. Last year on its own it has gone 4.800 heating systems to 35 KW into service -that´s more than half of the entire Pellets heating systems of Germany. Pellet heating systems are prefered by builder of one-family houses or semidetached houses.

The most sold heater are water-bearing systems with automatically mounting.

In future petroleum still plays a role in heat production. Regulations and writs for stocking petroleum as well operating tanks arrange material handling with oil resources.

Regular intervals for tank check ups will avoid damage of groundwater and environment. In case of damage it will protect you from disagreeable surprises.

We would be pleased to give more detailed information about user responsibilities, inspection, rectification of deficiencies, tank revision and so on.

For your secureness, please feel free to contact us.

Service and loyalty is important for our customers. With us you can be sure that the work is done in a high quality manner. Cooperational work with other firms from different branches and flexibility on the agreement are our main indications.