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Rain Water Usage

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Functional bathrooms A - Z

At the thought of planning a new bathroom questions about piping systems, hot water suply and warm water treatment should be considered detailed.

Is it all about a functional bathroom or should it be one of a recreative spa? Which fixtures inclusive accessories fit with it? Is there maybe a shower wall recommendable or should be taken rain water usage in consideration?

You get detailed answers for all your questions. Please feel free to ask us.

Economical handling with water and environmentally suply and sorting should be considered by planning your house also thought should by given to remodelling your property.

Alternative Rain Water Usage takes important significance. Because constantly increasing cost for drinking water and sewage in case of water running short means saving lots of money for you.

New installation or change-over is a job that pays well. If your community grants public subsidies, you just call up your waterworks. Use initiative! We will help you.

In order that your bathroom will be perfect you will get professionell planning and customer oriented consultation. According to your wishes skilled staff will install your bathroom to utter satisfaction.

If you prefer self-assembly we would deliver to your contruction site. We do provide needed mounting guidelines, direction for initiation and precise instruction.

As a matter of course we take care of technicality. Because customer service is our business!

Service and loyalty is important for our customers. With us you can be sure that the work is done in a high quality manner. Cooperational work with other firms from different branches and flexibility on the agreement are our main indications.